Monday, 14 March 2011

Wonders of the Universe

Brian comes into the room and sits down.
    "Hey Julie," he says.
    "Hi," says Julie.
    "Did you see the show last night?" he asks, catching her eye in the mirror and grinning.
    "Um, yes", she says, looking down. She starts to cover his hair with a styling gel, tousling it into a boyish sweep across his forehead. She stops as she feels his hand creep up the inside of her leg.
    "It was good, wasn't it?" Him.
    "Yes, I liked it," she stutters, reddening slightly. His hand now caresses her upper thigh.
    "What was your favourite bit?" He is grinning wider.
    "I'm not sure". She is struggling with her words as her breath deepens. I'm not sure she is enjoying this though. You can see the muscles in Brian's arms oscillating rapidly underneath the skin (what is he doing up there?).
    He gurns maniacally. "How about that bit where I made the sandcastle?" His hand is now grabbing at the soft silk of her undergarments (she has a date after work and wanted to wear something special; the sky blue ones with the ornamental lace), tugging the material down until it feels like it is going to snap. "That bit was really clever, wasn't it?" Twisting his head around to look her in the eye.
    She doesn't reply. She is holding her breath.
    "Wasn't it?" He asks again, pulling down harder. Julie squeaks, barely audibly.
    David pokes his head around the door. "Mr. Cox, you're on in one minute."
    He lets go of the silk - SNAP - and Julie gasps for air.
    "Thanks for doing my hair", he says, reaching for a tea towel and wiping his hands on it. "See you after the show". He walks out.
    Julie sits down a stool in the corner of the room, weeping openly.


  1. I've got the weirdest hard-on right now.

  2. Are you writing some sort of creepy romance novel now?

  3. nah, brian cox just pissed me off so I thought i'd write him up as a massive pervert

  4. It's almost like if Marcus chown was asked to write for mills and boone.

  5. Dude this is pretty messed up. haha.

  6. haha i love this blog
    fuckd up tho o0